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Ottawa Elections

O'Brian Petition
2006 Candidates

John Dunn
Tired of Democratic Deficit

Hello, my name is John Dunn. I am a citizen of Ottawa who became extremely frustrated by the local media's undemocratic and misleading coverage of the Mayoral candidates in the 2006 Municipal Election.
If you paid attention to the media coverage during the election you will have noticed that the media focused unfairly on just three of six candidates for Mayor. The media decided which candidates for Mayor they thought were more important to us instead of letting us decide for ourselves. I can see this happening in a non-democratic society, but not here in Canada!
This takes away your right as a citizen of Ottawa to make an informed decision regarding the platforms of each and every candidate, each of whom are equal as such.
The press, calling the lesser known candidates "the fringe" or the "underdogs" are practicing poor journalism and it is up to us to let them know that we don't want this to happen again.
We are their customers, so we need to take action if we want to  ensure that they provide fair coverage in the next election. If we don't do something, nobody else will. Especially the press.
What do I do?
You can get involved by joining our message board located at this link. See you there!
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